Let Me Eat Your Pancreas
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In the end, the title will move you to tears…


This summer sees the release of a live action movie based on the novel “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas” by Yoru Sumino. The title of the book may be jarring, yet the story is unexpectedly beautiful. Since it went on sale in June, 2015, it became a best-seller as its reputation as a “tear-jerker” spread by word of mouth, chiefly among young women. In 2016, it was placed second in a major award given by bookshop workers all over Japan, and looks to become a great sensation in much the same way as the movie, “Crying Out Love in the Center of the World” (2004). Minami Hamabe plays the role of the heroine, Sakura Yamauchi, who suffers from a serious disease of the pancreas, while Takumi Kitamura plays her friend, known just as “I”, who is the only one who knows about her illness. These two new stars of the Japanese movie world give vibrant performances that portray the evanescent beauty of one’s high school years.
In addition, the movie portrays the present time 12 years later, which is not written in the original book, and the story unfolds along the dual time axis of present and past. In the present time segment, the story swings between “I”, played by Shun Oguri, who has become a teacher, and Sakura’s best friend, Kyoko, played by Keiko Kitagawa.
The director is Sho Tsukikawa, who has been called the master of romantic comedy, with films such as The Black Devil and The White Prince (2016) and The 100th Love with You (2017) to his credit. He will create his emotional masterpiece.
This summer, the outstanding cast and production staff will bring you the most moving and heartwarming production of 2017. When you experience the completely unexpected ending, and realize the real hidden meaning of the title, it will definitely move you to tears.


Sakura Yamauchi (Minami Hamabe) and “I” (Takumi Kitamura) were former high school classmates. Inspired by Sakura’s words, “I” (Shun Oguri) has now become a teacher at the school they both attended. While talking to his students, he is reminded of the many days he spent with Sakura. Sakura, who was suffering from a disease of the pancreas, kept a diary of her struggle against her illness and how she tried to live with it. After he discovers the diary by chance one day, “I” and Sakura gradually start to spend more time together. Sakura is determined to live out her days brilliantly, but finally, the end draws near. Twelve years after her death, her best friend Kyoko (Karen Otomo/Keiko Kitagawa), who is soon to marry, also begins to remember the time she spent with Sakura, just as “I” does. Then, through certain events, the two realize what Sakura really wanted to convey over the distance of those 12 years.

Sho Tsukikawa
Tomoko Yoshida
Minami Hamabe
Takumi Kitamura
Keiko Kitagawa
Shun Oguri
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