Tornado Girl
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Another unprecedented romantic entertainment is born!


The movie was adapted from a subculture comic book by Chokkaku Shibuya, a popular cartoonist and columnist who has numerous regular features and columns in multiple popular Japanese magazines. A magazine editor who idolizes Tamio Okuda, a rock musician known for being "a chilled, cool grown-up dude", falls in love with a fashion PR femme fatale who makes all the men she meets go crazy. He goes through the pleasures and sorrows that come with being in love, creating a deliriously funny romantic comedy of his suffering romance.
The protagonist, Koroki, is played by Satoshi Tsumabuki, an actor well respected for his solemn acting in movies “Villain” (2010) and “Rage” (2016, both directed by Sang-il Lee). Kiko Mizuhara plays the heroine, Akari. Kiko made her successful silver screen debut in “Norwegian Wood” (2010), after which her acting career took off and she appeared on many popular movies and TV dramas. As a model, she is always seen as an influential fashion icon.
Direction and screenplay are by Hitoshi One, who made his debut as a movie director with “Love Strikes!” (2011), which was regarded as revolutionary in the Japanese film industry. His films are made with new and innovative filming technology and uses J-POP music throughout; resulting in a unique and pop visual art piece unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. In his second feature-length film “Bakuman” (2015), he picked up new and upcoming band Sakanaction to play the soundtrack which contributed to the smash-hit of the movie. For this film, he generously sprinkles Tamio Okuda’s music throughout the film, to match the title. Each song is given roles that go beyond the traditional idea of a theme song or background music, and with One’s magic they are re-created into an innovative musical film. This film goes above and beyond the legendary “Love Strikes!”, making this truly THE unprecedented romantic entertainment film you can’t miss.


A 35 year-old male who worships Tamio Okuda, Koroki. Having been transferred to the editorial department of a chic life-style magazine, he has a hard time adjusting to the fashionable atmosphere and conversations but eventually gets used to the trendy people he works with, and resolves to become an editor like Tamio Okuda!
One day he meets Akari Amami, a fashion PR beauty through work, and falls for her - it was love at first sight. However, this chance meeting becomes the beginning of hell on earth for Koroki…
He works at his job twice as hard to become the man good enough for Akari, as well as putting all his efforts into taking her out on great dates, but to his chagrin his attempts all turn out fruitless.
Free-spirited Akari has him twisted around her little finger, and his body and soul are shattered into pieces from being pushed around…
When can Koroki become a “chilled, cool grown-up dude” just like Tamio Okuda!? And can there be a bright future waiting for him and Akari?

Hitoshi One
Hitoshi One
Satoshi Tsumabuki
Kiko Mizuhara
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