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Rock’n Roll in the Hell?! The world's first hellishly hilarious comedy!


An innovative story set in hell!
Featuring hell's red demon teacher and a high school student who dies before having a chance to kiss!
The world's first, never-before-seen comedy about a hilarious hell!
"I wanted to make a movie that would take the fear away from dying," says the director. Who's ever seen such a hilarious hell before? The story takes place in hell, an unlikely setting. But depicted in this story are friendships, teacher-student relationships, a young man's sincere desire to tell a girl that he loves her, high school bands and a rock festival. Despite the bizarre setting, viewers will surely relate to and enjoy the story.
An onset of torturous laughter! So incredibly cheerful and silly, you might even be moved by the sheer absurdity of it all! This movie is indeed the world's first comedy about a hilarious hell that nobody has ever attempted to make and nobody has ever seen before!


Daisuke is an ordinary high school student who has a crush on Hiromi, a girl in his class. One day during the school trip, the bus they are riding becomes involved in a freak accident. When Daisuke regains consciousness, he finds himself in actual hell, complete with crimson skies, roaring flames, scattered skulls and people being tortured.
Why me?! I never even got a chance to kiss! I'm too young to die!
Appearing before the panicking Daisuke is Killer K, a red demon who is the leader of the rock band Hells and the teacher in charge of the pop music club in the Hell Agricultural High School. Daisuke begins a tour of hell to return to life under the guidance of Killer K's "demonic crash course."

Kankurou Kudou
Mitsuru Uda
Kankurou Kudou
Tomoya Nagase
Ryunosuke Kamiki
Japanese Release
Running time
123 min