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Paparazzi photographer and novice reporter. A new scandalous buddy movie will be born.


"SCOOP!" will be Mr. Masaharu Fukuyama’s first foray into movies since the 2013 Cannes award-winning release, "Like Father, Like Son". In "SCOOP!" he plays a gifted paparazzi photographer, Shizuka Miyakonojo whose love of gambling has got him deep in debt. He's supported by a notable and truly "cinematic" cast including Fumi Nikaido as the novice reporter heroine Nobi Namekawa, Yo Yoshida as female deputy-chief editor Sadako Yokokawa and Lily Franky as Shizuka's old friend and trusted source, Charagen. Writer/director Hitoshi One is Japan's foremost hit-maker whose successful "Moteki" (2011) was recognized at the 35th Japan Academy Prize and whose latest film "Bakuman" was a big hit in last year. "SCOOP!" marks his first collaboration with Fukuyama.
Set against the background of the editorial department of a weekly photo journal, this film features a freelance photographer and a rookie reporter treading the city streets in search of a story. It's a hard-hitting and realistic depiction of the media's cut-throat underbelly and the growth of our lead characters' relationship as they butt heads on the road to mutual trust, is intense and rewarding.
'Buddy movies' with their "odd couple" humor, thrilling action scenes and satisfying bonding moments have given us much memorable entertainment. Set in its own unique world, "SCOOP!" takes this genre to a new height.


Freelance photographer Shizuka Miyakonojo, once the power behind a number of legendary news scoops, is now just a paparazzi chasing after celebrity scandals and selling his photos and story-tidbits piecemeal to his former employer at a magazine. In return for the premium rate of \300,000 for each piece, the deputy chief-editor Sadako Yokogawa springs the demand on him to team up with novice reporter, Nobi Namekawa. Reluctantly Shizuka heads out on the hunt with the clueless young girl in tow... As the other half of this unlikely combination, Nobi is straight-laced and by-the-book and she's soon at odds with the shifty Shizuka. Unable to understand one another, their daily conflicts soon turn into open hostility. But then, acting on a tip from Charagen, they land a scoop together. As the article gains traction on the internet, at the watercooler and among friends, Nobi begins to get a taste for her work. As she gets the professional bit between her teeth, Shizuka starts to take interest in his partner and maybe even grant her a measure of respect. As work colleagues, as partners and even as man and woman, things begin to develop between the two of them. And as their achievements build, so too do sales of the magazine itself. Then, just as everything looks to be going perfectly...One incident...and out-of-the-blue, our hero couple's fortunes are set to change drastically.

Hitoshi Ohne
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Masato Harada
Hitoshi Ohne
Masaharu Fukuyama
Fumi Nikaido
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