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The Legends of Japanese Cinema and the All-Star Casts present a Suspenseful Human Drama!


A hit-making duo pair up again to break new grounds.
Director Yasuo Furuhata and photographer Daisaku Kimura teamed up to create some of the greatest films in the contemporary Japanese cinema, including Station (‘81) and “Yasha” (’85), “Buddies” (‘89), “The Firefly” (‘01) and “Railroad Man” (‘99). 9 years since their last collaboration, they are once again joining forces. Stepping into the lead role for this famous duo is an award-winning actor and a national icon, Junichi Okada, whose broad popularity cuts across all age groups. Okada blends his unique sense of presence into a grand location shoot, investing the film with a weighty performance full of emotion.
He is surrounded by a powerful supporting cast worthy of a Furuhata production that includes Shun Oguri, Tasuku Emoto, Masami Nagasawa, Fumino Kimura, Sakura Ando and Hidetaka Yoshioka. It doesn’t get much bigger in Japanese cinema than this. Another watershed moment in the Japanese cinematic history.


Abandoned as a child, Atsushi (Junichi Okada) grew up in the home with orphaned boys like himself: Keita (Shun Oguri) and Satoshi (Tasuku Emoto). And there was Ryoko (Sakura Ando), a mother to them, full of affection and love. Their days were happy…until it all suddenly came crashing to a halt with an incident that tore them apart.
25 years later, Atsushi is a police detective, separated from his wife after a miscarriage. Keita is a building contractor with a wife and a child on the way. Satoshi runs a glass company in Tokyo, inherited from his father-in-law. But saddled in debt, he must rely upon Keita for money. Three disparate and distinct lives, all bearing a secret past, reconnect over Satoshi’s death. Atsushi views Keita as a prime suspect while their sealed past with Ryoko threatens to be exposed.
“Some things need to be remembered, even if you’d spent your life forgetting.”
A truth, hidden in a phrase, resparks their lives.

Yasuo Furuhata
Takeshi Aoyama
Tomoyuki Takimoto
Junichi Okada
Shun Oguri
Tasuku Emoto
Masami Nagasawa
Fumino Kimura
Sakura Ando
Hidetaka Yoshioka
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