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How well must you know someone to have trust?
Three couples touched by a horrible murder learn that beyond trust, there lies anger.


Director San-il Lee (“Villain“, “The Unforgiven”) and the prize winning novelist Shuichi Yoshida reassembled with renewed passion for “Rage” and aim for another landmark in Japanese cinema. “Rage” promises to showcase Lee’s pluckiness and talent for distilling great realism from characters in emotionally-heightened circumstances. The treatment of three different relationships and multiple protagonists all struggling for a place to direct their emotions is quite fluent but unpredictable. A master at telling moving stories that penetrate deeply into contemporary society, Lee sways people’s hearts and cinematic lore with enormous casts who also have international reputations such as Ken Watanabe (“The Last Samurai”, “Inception”), Mirai Moriyama (“Love Strikes!”), Kenichi Matsuyama (“Norwegian Wood”), Go Ayano (“The Light Shines Only There”), Suzu Hirose (“Our Little Sister”), Aoi Miyazaki (“Eureka”) and Satoshi Tsumabuki (“The Assassin”).


In a quiet residential town in Tokyo’s Hachioji city, brutally murdered bodies of a married couple lay lifeless in a dimly-lit room. On one wall of the room, the word “rage” has been spelled out in the crimson blood of the victims. A year passes very little progress made in finding the murderer. The case has preyed upon the nation’s fears, eroding people’s ability to “trust” in others, particularly that of three pairs of people who have all recently befriended someone with a mysterious past. In a fishing village in Chiba, a father (Ken Watanabe) becomes suspicious about the a young man (Kenichi Matsuyama) with a mysterious past, who goes out with his daughter (Aoi Miyazaki). In Tokyo, a businessman (Satosh Tsumabuki) starts to live together with the man met at the sauna where the gay gathers. In Okinawa, high school girl (Suzu Hirose) moved over from Tokyo encounters a man (Mirai Moriyama) living alone on the remote island. They are all becoming suspicious and once the seeds of doubt are sown, trust is quickly overgrown with suspicion. Beyond lost trust lies rage - an emotion apt to turn violent and expose, in unforeseen ways, the mystery behind a murder.

Sang-il Lee
Original Story
Shuichi Yoshida
Genki Kawamura
Sang-il Lee
Ken Watanabe
Mirai Moriyama
Kenichi Matsuyama
Go Ayano
Aoi Miyazaki
Satoshi Tsumabuki
Ryuichi Sakamoto
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147 min