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The staff behind the defining youth romances Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World and
Josee, the Tiger and the Fish. Feeling so intense they’re destructive. They’re inescapable. A tale of 20-year-old romance on the big screen!


“I never knew the pain of love... Until I met my teacher, on that rainy day.”
A romance with the purity and confounding frustrationof  awkwardness.

“Narratage”, the masterpiece novel of real romance written by Noma Literature Newcomer Award winner Rio Shimamoto, is being made into a film! The pain of real love written in a way that anyone can relate to, depicted vividly in the setting of Shimamoto’s work, is being made into a film by the master of coming-of-age films, director Isao Yukisada.
The story is set in the spring of the sophomore year of university, when Izumi receives a phone call from the object of her unrequited love, teacher Hayama. While Izumi is exhilarated, she recalls the secrets of the teacher’s past that he confessed to before her graduation.
In an environment where sugar-coated romantic comedies have become the norm, the film burns into the screen the intensity, pain, frustration, heartache, and other bitter truths of love. It seeks to be a romance film that pierces the heart of the viewer.


In the spring of her sophomore year, university student Izumi receives a phone call from her former theater instructor, Hayama. Having had a crush on him in high school, she is excited by the sudden contact. However, he requests that she appear in a graduation performance for one of her underclassmen. When she asks, “Is that all?,” he pauses.
“It’s been so long that I wanted some time to talk to you.”
She recalled the secret of his past that he’d confessed to her before graduation.
Izumi knows she must restrain these emotions, but upon meeting for the first time in a year, and practicing with the club, her feelings for the teacher deepen...

Original Story
Rio Shimamoto
Isao Yukisada
Ogawa Shinji
An Horiizumi
Kasumi Arimura
Jun Matsumoto
Kentaro Sakaguchi
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