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© 2016 Ichigo Takano- Futabasha/orange project © 2016 Ichigo Takano- Futabasha/orange project


This is a pure adolescent love story by Ichigo Takano connects "present" and "future." The bittersweet "ending"="future" will gently touch your heart.


In the spring of Naho's sophomore year, she receives a letter from herself in the future. A letter written 10 years later from now. It says that she would fall in love with a transfer student named Kakeru, and that he would die a year later…Although Naho thinks it's a prank at first, seeing everything in the letter comes true one by one, she begins to believe it. Why is she going to lose Kakeru? What can she do now to avoid the same regrets as her 26-year-old self? Kakeru can be saved. Because you only regret things that could be reversed.

Release Date in Japan
July - September, 2016
30 minutes x 12 episodes