Red Eyes Sword
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© 2014 RED EYES SWORD Project ©TAKAHIRO&Tetsuya Tashiro/SQUARE ENIX © 2014 RED EYES SWORD Project ©TAKAHIRO&Tetsuya Tashiro/SQUARE ENIX


1024 years since the Empire has formed.
The King is only a child, and his regents are fully abusing their privileges no one being able to thwart their self-indulgence. Thus, the city is full of turpitudes and people are living in penury suffering from heavy taxation.
"NIGHT RAIDS" is a group of assassins whose purpose is to kill those villains. It consists of highly trained professional killers who use special weapons called "Teigu (Imperial Arms)", which were ordered to be made by the first King 1000 years ago, from his pure hope of the country's safety and its eternal prosperity. 48 Imperial Arms were invented then, but was dispersed in a fierce civil war 500 years ago, half of them still missing. Because of their tremendous destructive power, if two of them were to confront and fight, one is doomed to die.
AKAME, a girl with red eyes, is a member of "NIGHT RAIDS" who kills people using "Murasame", one of the Imperial Arms oozes out deadly poison when slashing. AKAME was raised to be a killer and thus has a great skill as an assassin. One day, TATASUMI, a boy, comes up to the city fresh from a country full of hope to make a name for himself and save his hometown from poverty. After an unexpected turn of events, he was discovered for the "NIGHT RAIDS" and starts to be trained by AKAME and other members to become a professional killer...

Tomoki Kobayashi
Character Design
Kazuhisa Nakamura
Series Structure
Makoto Uezu
Release Date in Japan
July-December, 2014
30 minutes x 24 episodes