Chaos Dragon
Original Title:
ケイオスドラゴン 赤竜戦役

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In a world where magic, technology, monsters, humans, prophecies and science co-exist, Nill Kamui is a small island nation unsettled between the two powers, Kouran and D'natia. Invaders of the West, Kouran, occupies a third of this island. D'natia, ally of the East, only protects the towns where its military bases are located. The alliance had cost the head of Nill Kamui's King, but in the end provided so little. The order of the island is lost, and the world awaits tensely for the outcome. It is then the Red Dragon in Nill Kamui, one of the seven dragons in the world, awakes. Its crazed rage changes the world situation. An investigative party of Red Dragon is formed across the border, and the chosen ones from the nations gather to pacify at all cost the Red Dragon. Ibuki becomes one of them. She is a descendant of the past ruler of Nill Kamui, who has a power to "kill an enemy in exchange for a friend's life". Swallow, a knight from D'natia's proud army corps, Low Chency, an assassin from Kouran with the legendary sword, and Grava, the immortal merchant active worldwide are her mates. They set off, leaving all the conflicts among three nations behind, for one same purpose. The first day of six long nights, nights which change the history, has just started...

Masato Matsune
Original Story
Gen Urobuchi
Ryoko Narita
Kinoko Nasu
Izuki Kogyoku
Series Structure
Ukyo Kodachi
Sho Aikawa
Release Date in Japan
July-September, 2015
30 minutes x 12 episodes