AJIN: Demi-Human
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The shocking manga “Ajin: Demi-Human” is finally adapted into a live action film!!
Rurouni Kenshin series (Takeru Satoh) x Bayside Shakedown series (Director Katsuyuki Motohiro) The first tag-team between the two hit makers is realized!!


Ever since it began as a series on “good! Afternoon” (Kodansha) in 2012, up-and-comer Gamon Sakurai’s manga “Ajin: Demi-Human,” was praised by discerning Japanese manga fans for its sensational concept of “coming back from the dead even after being killed,” and “being able to reset lives as many times as needed.” “Ajin,” said to be the monster hit of the 2010s, will be adapted into a live-action film with the star of the Rurouni Kenshin series Takeru Satoh, which was a smash hit thanks to its unprecedented action scenes, and the director of the Bayside Shakedown series Katsuyuki Motohiro, known for his detailed direction which started a revolution in the Japanese film industry. The tag team between Satoh, with his unparalleled athletic ability, and Director Motohiro, who excels at innovative direction, is a perfect combination for the shocking battle survival suspense film, which will gather worldwide attention as a unique new type of entertainment. This year, with “Ajin” at the peak of its popularity, after two seasons of a TV animation series and the release of a theatrical animation trilogy, “Ajin” will take its position in the post-“Attack on Titan” world of Japanese content, and will upset the world with its live-action adaptation.


Tokyo, 2017. The studious medical intern, Kei Nagai intent on saving his sick sister, dies in a traffic accident. However, moments later, his body is regenerated, and he comes back to life. Discovered to be an Ajin, a part of an inhuman race that cannot die, Kei is pursued by the police and civilians thirsty for the bounty placed on Ajin, and is held captive in an Ajin research facility. There, he is subjected to inhumane experiments. At the facility, a mysterious Ajin named Sato helps Kei. Sato is a terrorist that massacres humans in order to achieve his plans to subvert the nation, and create a society where Ajin can live in Japan. Although Kei is an Ajin like Sato, he cannot share Sato’s ideals. Meanwhile, Sato begins his shocking bid for power. An endlessly repeating battle between two men who can never die. To where with the future of Ajin lead...?

What are Ajin?:
Ajin are a species of inhumans that are indistinguishable from humans, but are unkillable, with their bodies regenerating immediately after dying, surpassing mortality. The protagonist, who has lived his life as a human, discovered he is an Ajin after facing death. Ajin have the ability to use an avatar known as the IBM (Invisible Black Matter).

Original story
Gamon Sakurai
Katsuyuki Motohiro
Takeru Satoh
Go Ayano
Testuji Tamayama
Yu Shirota
Yudai Chiba
Rina Kawaei
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