You Shine in the Moonlight
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The long-awaited movie adaption of Tetsuya Sano’s debut novel, “kimi wa tsukiyo ni hikarikagayaku”, which was lauded by the judges of the 23rd Dengeki Novel Prize (KADOKAWA) and won the grand prize out of 4,878 entries! It is a tale of pure love of the new era that addresses “life and death” and rivals Let Me Eat Your Pancreas and Crying Out Love in the Center of the World. The heroine, Mamizu, who suffers from “luminescence disease,” an incurable illness that makes her body glow as death draws near, is played by Mei Nagano who won critical acclaim for her performance in morning drama series “Half Blue”. Takumi Kitamura, who won the Japan Academy Film Prize’s Newcomer of the Year for his role in “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas”, will play Mei’s classmate. The two young actors with the best acting skills of their generation will portray the two brave high school students who confront their fear of death and seek the quality of life.

Director: Sho Tsukikawa directs the film and writes the screenplay. Director Tsukikawa, who brought tears to the viewers’ eyes with “Let Me Eat Your Pancreas”, will delve into the significance of staying positive in life through this coming-of-age pure-love story with a fantastical premise based on a theme of life and death.


High school student Takuya Okada (17)(Takumi Kitamura) meets classmate Mamizu Watarase (17)(Mei Nagano) when he goes to the hospital where she is an in-patient to deliver messages from the rest of the class. Although she acts cheerful, Mamizu is suffering from the incurable “luminescence disease.” An abnormality of the cells makes her body glow, and the closer she gets to death, the stronger her body glows. No patient with this disease has ever reached adulthood… The cause is still unknown, and the patients are not allowed to leave the hospital. Mamizu is a “bird trapped in a cage.”

Mamizu, who is confined in the hospital, has things she wants to do before she dies, and Takuya decides to do them in her place and recount the experiences to her. With each experience he has in her place, Mamizu discovers the joys of life, and Takuya’s feelings for her grow stronger and stronger. On the other hand, they are confronted with the fear of her imminent death. And Takuya’s memories of his secret past are reawakened.

The moment when the flames of life go out—
What is the final thing Mamizu asks Takuya to do for her?

Directed by
Sho Tsukikawa
Sho Tsukikawa
Takumi Kitamura
Mei Nagano
Original story
Novel “kimi wa tsukiyo ni hikarikagayaku”
Written by Tetsuya Sano
Published by KADOKAWA
Release Date in Japan