Yell for the Blue Sky
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A gem of a story about adolescence, featuring two young people who support each other and mature together.


The live-action film adaptation of long-running hit comic! Not a "couple," but "partners."
“Yell for the Blue Sky” is a long-running comic serialized in the highly popular magazine Bessatsu Margaret, which has produced other hits such as “Blue Spring Ride” and “Strobe Edge”. The series began in 2008 and has been collected into 19 volumes in all. The author is Kazune Kawahara, who has created many popular works such as “High School Debut” and “My Love Story!!”.
The appeal of this movie lies in the fact that it is not merely a high school love story. To put it simply, the protagonist Tsubasa and her friend Daisuke are not in a romantic relationship but are more like partners. Tsubasa has low self-esteem but Daisuke encourages and supports her. In return, Tsubasa devotes herself wholeheartedly to playing in the school brass band as a beginner because she longs to become worthy of playing for Daisuke and his team. This story is different from previous love stories featuring two young people who fall for each other and eventually become a couple. Instead, it is a story about love and youth that depicts two people who care about and support one another on equal terms as partners.


Tsubasa enters Shirato High School with a distinguished history in the inter-high school baseball and brass band championships. She wants to join the brass band and play the trumpet to support the baseball team at the national championship tournament at Koshien Stadium. But she runs up against a wall from the start since she is a beginner for the music. Whenever she feels like giving up, her classmate Daisuke always gives her support. Daisuke plays on the school baseball team, striving to qualify for Koshien someday, and is greatly motivated by Tsubasa's efforts. Tsubasa starts taking action one step at a time. Although Tsubasa spends every day putting all her efforts into band practice, she cannot play as a regular member in sophomore. She weeps bitter tears, but Daisuke encourages her saying, "Just keep practicing, then!" Inspired by his words, she finally becomes good enough to be considered as a regular member. Meanwhile, the baseball team loses in the spring preliminaries and is unable to qualify for Koshien. But Tsubasa plugs away at band practice from her desire to support Daisuke, and is finally selected as a competition member. She cannot hold back her love for Daisuke and tells him and he replies her, "I love you, too," and they promise each other they would become a couple if Daisuke can make it to the Koshien championship. They both look forward to their future as a couple.

Takahiro Miki
Original Comic
Kazune Kawahara
Yukiko Mochiji
Tao Tsuchiya
Ryoma Takeuchi
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