Will you marry my wife?
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Life expectancy, 6 months― What will this man who lived for only workleave for his family?


This is a story of a man’s search for such an “apple tree” for his family.
Shuji Mimura, broadcast writer for variety TV shows. He writes for 12 continuing shows.
A busy but fulfilling daily life ended when doctors gave him 6 months to live. Pancreas cancer. Stage 4.
Yet, he reached a decision to find out “new husband” for his wife after his death...For its heart warming and original story, the original novel by Takuji Higuchi were well received by all generations and adopted into TV drama series. Director Yoshishige Miyake originally start his carrier as a TV director (“Hankyu Railway”, “Hospitality Department”) is known for his way of depicting touching human drama but drawing its humor and surprise of this unique story.


How should I tell her?
That was the first thing that came to mind. Shuji Mimura (Yuji Oda). Variety TV show broadcast writer.
Turning in scripts for 12 continuing shows, he did feel a little overwhelmed. Something felt strange, but a checkup revealed something far more than strange: Pancreas cancer and in its final stage.
His life could be prolonged by reducing the size of the cancer cells with anticancer drugs, followed by surgery. That was the only way. Avoiding it meant just a 6-month life expectancy. Shuji considered the situation. Naturally, he ought to go to the hospital right away. To prolong his life and spend as much time with his family as possible would be the right thing to do. But, somehow it seemed wrong. Shuji always had turned everyday events into some kind of fun as a broadcast writer. Yet he was about to give in. Was that any fun at all? From this idea, Shuji brainstormed. Some kind of last plan for his family. Something... Then it came to mind. A marriage support sign caught his eye. And he wondered what would happen to his wife. Ayako (Yo Yoshida) was a housewife. She would have a hard time supporting their elementary age son, Yoichiro. As tough as she seemed, she had a vulnerable side as well. Couldn’t he do something for her? Then Shuji realized a way that she could go on without him.
“I’ll find her new husband!”
The idea drove Shuji. First he studied the marriage market. With the help of Yoshiko Kataoka, a variety TV show assistant producer who was looking for a husband herself, Shuji snuck into matchmaking parties. Then, he learned that his former colleague was now the president of a matchmaking company. He somehow convinced her to help find the perfect husband for his wife. He put his work on hold. He didn’t even tell Ichiro Araki, a coworker who had helped him in the past. Through his search, he finally found the perfect man, Shozo Ito. CEO of an interior design company, he was honest and trustworthy, and also single. He liked Ayako’s photo. Even the fact that she had children. The time came for them to meet. The time for Shuji to disappear. Meanwhile, Ayako became aware of Shuji’s plans. And thus comes the perfect ending. A truly once-in-a-lifetime project. The tale of a husband and his wife unfolds.

Yoshishige Miyake
Original Story
Takuji Higuchi
Kenzo Abe
Arisa Kaneko
Yuji Oda
Yo Yoshida
Release Date in Japan