Weathering with You
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Makoto Shinkai, now one of the world’s most renowned animation director, is bringing the latest title to you
three years after your name. The works of Makoto Shinkai has been receiving enormous popularity for their
lyrical drama between a boy and a girl, depicted with beautiful colors and fine screenplays.


“This is a story about the world’s biggest secret. The secret that only she and I know.”
Weathering with You centers around a boy and a girl choosing their own way to live through the twist and turns of fate in the world where the climate is losing its balance. Hodaka - a runaway boy who came to Tokyo meets Hina – a girl with a mysterious power to turn the skies blue. The beautiful and bittersweet love story of Hodaka and Hina is a message to the people of all generations around the world as we enter a new, wistful, yet beautiful era.

Director: Born in 1973, Makoto Shinkai debuted at the age of 29 and released your name. at 43. He is the only animation director in Japan whose film has surpassed $100M Japan B.O. besides Hayao Miyazaki, as well as the most recent invited member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in 2018.

Directed and written by
Makoto Shinkai
Genki Kawamura
Genki Kawamura
Masayoshi Tanaka
Production house
Comix Wave Films
Release Date in Japan