Teen Bride
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We’re high school students. And even if we’re underage, we’re getting married.


An extremely popular piece of work by Kanan Minami, the creator of “Kyo, Koi o Hajimemasu”. Serialized in the super popular magazine "Sho-Comi", it was completed in February 2016. Even though it’s only a 5-volume series, sales exceeded more than 1 million copies and this number is growing even more following the live-action film adaptation.
The hero, Nao Tsurugi, is played by Kento Nakajima who, all the while being active as a member of Sexy Zone, starred in leading roles in films such as “Silver Spoon” (2014) and “The Anthem of the Heart” (2017). He plays the role of Nao Tsurugi, who is the “School Prince” in both studies and sports making him the most popular guy at school, and also a man with a secret, who had a “loveless marriage” with the heroine. The heroine is played by the young actress Yuna Taira who appeared in numerous works this year including ReLIFE (2017) and will also play the heroine of honey (2018) that will get released next year. She plays the role of Karin Oriyama, an ingenious young lady who never had any hardships in her life, getting suddenly “married” with the senior student she admires on her 16th birthday. In this film, it is the first time that she appears wearing a wedding dress. Furthermore, Yuri Chinen, who is an active member of Hey! Say! JUMP, and at the same time, appeared together with Taira in Shinobi no Kuni (2017) released in July of this year. And now waiting for the release of Kids on the Slope (2018) in which he’ll have his first main role. He plays the role of Isuzu Ebina, a super rich boy who is in love with the heroine that he has known since childhood; asking Nao and Karin to “divorce”.


Having excellent school results and excelling in all sports, Nao Tsurugi is considered to be the Prince of high school. A young and spoiled lady by the name of Karin Oriyama, who knows nothing about the ways of the world, falls in love at first sight with Nao. One day for her 16th birthday, Karin receives a present from her parents, “Marriage” with her one-sided-love Nao! With just the two of them living together, Karin feels her heart leaping with this newly-married life together with Nao, whom she loves so much. However, with on his face a cold expression that he never shows at school, he declares to Karin: “I truly hate women who decide to get married only by looking at their partner’s face, you must keep it secret and absolutely tell no one about our marriage.”
The single-minded Karin who is willing to get some attention from Nao, does all she can to get used to doing household chores and studying
Seeing that she puts in so much effort, Nao starts to open his heart to Karin.
But this “absolutely secret marriage” is discovered by Karin’s childhood friend Isuzu Ebina who has feelings for her, so Isuzu demands a “divorce” between Nao and Karin!
“I’m the one who’s going to make all Karin’s wishes come true.”
So, what’s going to happen to the married/school-life of Nao and Karin!? This winter, the oath of "Misekodo" will melt you away!

Original Story
Kanan Minami
Tsutomu Hanabusa
Keiko Hokimoto
Kento Nakajima
Yuna Taira
Yuri Chinen
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