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A “brothers’ challenge” depicted by Eiichiro Hasumi of the Umizaru series


A human drama of two brothers who overcome their past and pursue
their dream. Rally racing, competed on public streets and through
nature, is a motorsport as popular as Formula One in Europe and
America. This movie is a human drama about two brothers in the world
of rallies —the older brother, a mechanic, and the young brother,
a driver. The story was specifically written for the movie, which was
filmed with extensive cooperation by Toyota, Japan’s largest automobile manufacturer.
 The plot is woven around Spica, an automobile manufacturer competing in Japan’s largest rally race. The big brother, Atsuhiro, Spica’s chief mechanic, and the little brother, Naozumi, an unrivaled racing driver, face the challenge of the invincible Sigma team. However, their encounter with Hikaru, Naozumi’s new agent, brings back memories of losing a loved one, and the two brothers find themselves in a love triangle.
A rift forms between the brothers after a traumatic death of a loved one. The main character of this movie is a mechanic who repeats the “scrap and build” process in the world of rallies that has supported the advancement of technology in Japan. Against the backdrop of a “trade using one’s hands,” the two brothers strive to restore not only cars and machines but also their relationship. It is also a moving, poignant story about their reconciliation kindled by a common goal and their joint efforts to help Spica overcome a crisis and lead it the manufacturers’ championship. This love story revolving around the brothers’ secret past is an entertainment masterpiece that can be enjoyed by both men and women.


The SCRS (Seiko Cup Rally Series), a top-category domestic race fiercely competed by young drivers, is the stepping stone to the WRC (World Rally Champion), the world’s most prestigious competition. The rivalry between Spica Racing Factory and Sigma is increasing heat. In the special stage, a 0.1-second difference sets the winner apart from the rest. “We have to be aggressive in order to win!” Naozumi Hiyama is Spica’s racing genius with eyes set on the WRC. Ignoring tips from his big brother, Atsuhiro, a diligent and competent team mechanic, Naozumi races recklessly and aggressively. The two brothers clash over every round, and their animosity slowly starts to wear off on the team atmosphere. Then one day, they meet Hikaru Endo, Naozumi’s new agent delegated to manage his bad behavior. She knows nothing about the motorsport and is completely out of place. Soon, she confronts the secret from the brothers’ past at the root of their hostility and faces an ordeal that puts the entire team to the test.

Eiichiro Hasumi
Sayaka Kuwamura
Masahiro Higashide
Mackenyu Arata
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