My tomorrow, Your yesterday
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The miraculous tale following 30 days of the lives of two lovers destined to be separated.


Newly written as a paperback novel in August 2014, the book has kept its place at no.1 on the web page’s “bookmeter”, and has sold 900 thousand copies as of March 2016. The book sales continue to increase. The melancholy love story of two young lovers, with shocking reveals intertwining, and a separation scene driving viewers to tears will be made into a feature film as a new genuine love story. A director is Takahiro Miki, who representing a generation, known for his beautiful imagery and fresh depiction of young drama and the screenplay has been done by Tomoko Yoshida, one of the most popular script writers known for her “tearful” stories and rich ideas for structure and dialogue.

The movie was actually shot in Kyoto, where the story takes place. The beautiful scenery also colors the film and enhances the novel’s fantasy-like settings and the sadness of farewell. With such points, the film is a “tear jerking” hit as a conventional film like “Be With You” (2004 box office income 4 billion 800 million yen).


Takatoshi Minamiyama (Sota Fukushi), a sophomore art school student in Kyoto falls in love with Emi Fukuju (Nana Komatsu), a girl he met on the train to school. He musters up his courage and talks to her. Though she bursts into tears the first time, they get to know each other and start talking every day. Takatoshi falls deeper and deeper in love with Emi, who supports his awkward personality with an adult-like maturity. At the urging of his friend Ueyama, he finally confesses his feelings for her on their first date, and she responds likewise.
Though Takatoshi is thrilled with his potential true love, he also starts finding certain actions of Emi peculiar, such as her premonitions. One day, he stumbles upon a note written by her. On the note is a date in the future and their foreseen actions. Just as he starts raising questions, he gets a phone call from Emi: “I have to tell you something”.
The next day, unbelievable words pour out of Emi’s mouth. She explained that she is a being from a different world, and she can only be with in the same time as Takatoshi for 30 days every 5 years. To make things even more complicated, those days are in reverse for Takatoshi and Emi, making the 1st day for Takatoshi the 30th day for Emi. That means “yesterday’s Emi” for Takatoshi was actually tomorrow’s unforeseen self for Emi, making them impossible to ever truly live in the “same time”. While nothing makes sense to him, undeniable proof forces Takatoshi to accept the situation. Takatoshi continues dating Emi with mixed feelings, yet ends up treating the “all-knowing Emi” in a frigid manner.
Although initially dazed by the situation, Takatoshi realizes that he does not have much time left with Emi and that she is suffering far more than he is, and determines to spend the limited time with her. Takatoshi supports Emi as he gains memories and she loses them. However, Takatoshi finally breaks down and cannot bear the thought of being separated when his parents, after meeting Emi, tell him that they want to see her again. Yet time cruelly brings the last day (the first day for Emi) upon them...