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Masaki Suda & Tao Tsuchiya
The two rising stars break new ground with their first co-appearance in a film!
A new milestone in coming-to-age love stories!!


My Little Monster was serialized on Kodansha’s Dessert magazine from 2008 to 2014, and the comic books of the same title authored by Robico (13 volumes/KC Dessert by Kodansha) have over 5.9 million copies in print. The story begins when a cold, friendless schoolgirl whose only interest is academics and who has never had a boyfriend becomes the object of the affection of a troublemaker who sits next to her in class. First friend, first love, first kiss, first fight, first love triangle… Everything is the first for the two protagonists. The delicate human drama that develops around them and the other sincere but awkward characters are widely received not only by female high school students but by a wide range of readers. For a long time, the fans have been waiting for its movie adaptation, and their wish is finally coming true.


Haru (Masaki Suda), an unpredictable troublemaker, and Shizuku (Tao Tsuchiya), a cold schoolgirl only interested in academics, both have no friends, much less a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
They meet in April of their first year in high school when Shizuku is tasked to deliver class printouts to Haru, who sits next to her in class but rarely attends school.
Haru immediately decides that Shizuku is his “first friend” and also suddenly declares his love for her. Shizuku is indifferent at first, but when she starts to see his true personality, she gradually becomes attracted to him.
They begin to make other friends with unique characteristics, such as Natsume (Elaiza Ikeda), Oshima (Minami Hamabe), and Sasayan (Gaku Sano).
Their first friendship and first love. And their first love triangle when Haru’s rival, Yamaken (Yuki Yamada), enters the relationship!
Where is Haru and Shizuku’s love headed?
Moreover, what is the old secret between Haru’s big brother Yuzan (Yuki Furukawa) and cousin Mitchan (Mocomichi Hayami)?

Original Story
Sho Tsukikawa
Arisa Kaneko
Masaki Suda
Tao Tsuchiya
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