Listen to the Universe
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A live-action adaptation of Riku Onda’s novel of the same title, the first simultaneous winner of the Naoki Prize and the Japan Booksellers’ Award. A story about four young pianists competing in an international contest and their challenges, talent, fate, and growth.
The director and screenwriter is Kei Ishikawa, who made his feature-film directorial debut last year with “GUKOROKU - TRACES OF SIN”, which won the silver at the Shindo Kaneto Awards.
The pianists endowed with musical techniques as well as the genius to express subtle emotions are played by top actors Mayu Matsuoka, Tori Matsuzaka, and Win Morisaki and newcomer Oji Suzuka. Mayu Matsuoka whose performance in “Shoplifters” is still fresh in our memory plays protagonist Aya, a “former” piano prodigy who withdrew from the frontlines after the death of her mother, distancing herself from the world of piano for many years. Tori Matsuzaka plays Akashi, and Win Morisaki of “Ready Player 1” plays Masaru. Making his big break as the mysterious Jin is rising star Oji Suzuka, who auditioned for the part alongside more than 100 actors and impressed the director, who remarked, “He is Jin himself.”


Aya (Mayu Matsuoka) is a former piano prodigy who won junior contests domestic and abroad but distanced herself from piano after the death of her mother when she was 13. Akashi (Tori Matsuzaka) has a steady job and is married with kids, but unable to give up on his dream, he takes his last shot at it by entering the competition. Masaru (Win Morisaki) is a top student at an elite music academy struggling with the pressure of being the strongest champion hopeful. Jin (Oji Suzuka) is the mysterious young legacy of the world’s greatest pianist, now deceased. Facing the fierce rivalry of an international competition, the four piano geniuses with completely different backgrounds inspire each other and confront themselves as they grow and “awaken” along the way.

Kei Ishikawa
Mayu Matsuoka
Tori Matsuzaka
Win Morisaki
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