Laplace’s Witch
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The anticipated film adaptation of Keigo Higashino’s latest masterpiece


An all-star cast and crew assemble to create a heart-wrenching mystery thriller in honor of Keigo Higashino’s 30th year since his writing debut, and the 80th novel in his prolific career. About his latest novel, Higashino says: “I wanted with this book to break completely with everything I’ve done so far.” Certain to garner attention for that statement alone, the book has already sold in excess of 300,000 copies in its first four months, the fastest pace yet among his novels to date.


Two people are found dead under similarly bizarre circumstances at two different hot springs resorts. Aoe, an earth scientist called in to examine the site determines the deaths as accidental. But a police detective Nakaoka, suspects a young wife’s plot for insurance. Was it an accident? A suicide? Or murder? That’s when Aoe is reunited with the young woman, Madoka, a young woman accompanied by strangely recurring supernatural phenomena. From a scientific standpoint, the deaths are definitively accidental, but perhaps Madoka possesses some supernatural ability tied to the deaths. Aoe finds himself suspending his rational beliefs and suspecting that Madoka is somehow involved in the poisoning. A movie director then appears on the scene and seems connected to both victims. He is Saisei Amakasu, who had lost his own wife and daughter to the same type of poisoning, which had put his son, Kento, in a temporary vegetative state. When Aoe turns his attention to Amakasu, he learns that Kento had vanished after having undergone a new surgical procedure by Madoka’s father, a brain surgeon, which had not only restored Kento to consciousness, but had as a side effect imbued him with hyper mental faculties, namely, the ability to see the near future through calculation known as “Laplace’s Demon.” Out of empathy for Kento, Madoka had undergone the same surgery herself and emerged as a Laplace Demon. Aoe realizes that Kento is on a personal mission to avenge the deaths of his mother and sister. Kento had precisely predicted weather patterns and the outbreak of the poison gas, killing through forced inhalation, and was now on a path of revenge for the remaining culprit. That culprit turns out to be none other than Kento’s own father.
Madoka, hoping to relieve Kento’s anger and suffering, tries to prevent him from seeking revenge as it will only deepen his despair. Aware of the truth, Aoe decides to enlist Madoka’s help. Eventually, Kento predicts a powerful downburst (disaster from a thunderhead), enticing his father to a specific location so he can kill him and then commit suicide. Only a combination of Madoka’s precognitive powers and Aoe’s quick thinking can prevent this from happening. Kento, leaving very strong parting words for his father, vanishes from Aoe and everyone’s sight.

Original Story
Keigo Higashino
Takashi Miike
Hiroyuki Yatsu
Sho Sakurai
Suzu Hirose
Sota Fukushi
Etsuji Toyokawa
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