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The massively popular rock artist Acid Black Cherry's long-awaited film adaptation of his concept album.


The original works features the story of the lonesome and epic life of a woman known as "L," who continues to search for love, blending with music by Acid Black Cherry in the epic concept album "L." Selected as a winning entry for the [CD Shop Awards 2016], the album has sold 200,000 copies recording extraordinary sales, gaining major attention. Not only was the album popular, but also last fall, the story segment of the album was adapted into a popular novel, which was an unprecedented feat in the music scene. The lonely and beautiful world of "L" has been fully adapted into a film using state-of-the-art video technology!
The director is Ten Shimoyama, who has realistically envisioned the unique world of the concept album "L," which was said to be difficult to visualize, by utilizing visual FX and fantasy-like footage, along with raw performance.
Playing the role of L from young girl to old woman is Alice Hirose. Playing the role of Oves, L's childhood friend who continues to love L throughout his life beginning from his youth, is Yuki Furukawa. What's more, the spectacular cast members Maryjun Takahashi, Yuta Hiraoka, Yasuyuki Maekawa, Ryo Narita, Mihiro, Mikako, Seika Furuhata, Yoji Tanaka, and Hitomi Takahashi play the people that appear throughout L's life.


What I wanted to grasp was a single love---.
Raised in a happy family by her loving parents, the young girl L (Alice Hirose) met her childhood friend and artist Oves (Yuki Furukawa) on a hill in La vie an rose, the town said to be "void of color." One day, L loses both of her parents to an accident. Oves cheers L up, who was distraught with the loss of her parents, with one of his drawings, and the two grew up together while supporting each other. Several years later, the now grown-up L is forced to make a choice, and suddenly left her hometown…
L, who arrived in C'est la vie, the town where everyone dreams about, fell in love, and started a new glamorous life as a top dancer. However, trouble continues to plague L wherever she goes, and L is lead towards a cruel life.
After several more years, L realizes the love she has continued to search for through the curious whim of fate…

Ten Shimoyama
Original Story
Acid Black Cherry 4th Album "L"
Kouji Higashi
Ten Shimoyama
Tomoko Akutsu
Alice Hirose
Yuki Furukawa
Release Date in Japan
Running Time
107 min.