Kids on the Slope
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A live-action film adaptation of the famous girls’ comic Kids on the Slope by Takahiro Miki, a standard-bearing director of teen movies such as Hot Road, Bokura ga Ita, Solanin, and Blue Spring Ride!


That summer, on that slope, I came across “that” guy…
My very first real friend, a one-sided love for the first time.
Music was ever present there. I imagined this sweet time would never end, but…

A talented transfer student from a wealthy family and the biggest “bad boy” in school. Entailing two diametrically opposed high school students and a childhood female friend, their friendship, their love triangle and Jazz music. A glittering teen movie in which heartrending feelings sparkle and intertwine with each other.
The original comic was a long-running series published in “Monthly Flowers” (Shogakukan) from 2007 to 2012. And after that, Yuki Kodama’s manga “Kids on the Slope” got also adapted into anime in a Fuji Television’s program called “noitaminA”.
It was ranked no.1 in the 2009 edition of “Kono Manga ga Sugoi!”. Female Readers List also receiving the 57th Shogakukan Manga Award.


After losing his father, Kaoru Nishimi moved to Nagasaki where his relatives still lived. Kaoru couldn’t get used to his class due to his extreme shyness however, the only moment that allowed him to forget about his loneliness was when he played the piano.
Then a tenderhearted class representative Ritsuko starts to talk to him. Kaoru then changes following the fateful encounter with Ritsuko’s childhood friend Sentaro Kawabuchi, the biggest “bad boy” of the school.
One day, Kaoru happened to be present when Sentaro played jazz drums. Kaoru is instantly fascinated with Sentaro, who plays drums in a free, pleasant manner. Although at first Kaoru was against the idea, he gets drawn more and more into the charm of jazz and learns that playing music with a friend is an incredibly enjoyable thing to do!
Through piano and drum sessions, the two of them became the best of friends. Mutually, they both had an unavowable feeling of loneliness and by making their hearts beat in unison, they deepened their bond. Kaoru, Sentaro and Ritsuko started to spend more and more time together, during which Kaoru becomes attracted to Ritsuko. However, he realizes that the person she loves is Sentaro. And on the other hand, Sentaro falls in love with a woman from the city… Heartrending emotions intertwining in complexity. The feeling of love keeps on growing until one day, Kaoru unexpectedly kisses Ritsuko as they are taking shelter from the rain. This kiss triggers a reaction making the friendship between the three falls apart. Even though all three thought that their relationship was back to normal after a session at the Cultural Festival, suddenly they have to say goodbye to each other…

Original Story
Yuki Kodama
Takahiro Miki
Izumi Takahashi
Yuri Chinen
Taishi Nakagawa
Nana Komatsu
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