Her Blue Sky
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A new story by the creators of Cho Heiwa Busters will touch the hearts of everyone in Japan—
“Anohana” – The Movie, an animated feature film released in August 2013, was among the top ten box office hits for seven consecutive weeks and was later made into a live-action television drama, triggering an Anohana phenomenon in Japan. It was followed by “The Anthem of the Heart”, the emotionally-moving, coming-of-age second installment by the same Cho Heiwa Busters creative team comprising Director Tatsuyuki Nagai, Screenwriter Mari Okada, and Character Designer Masayoshi Tanaka.


17-year-old Aoi (voice: Wakayama Shion) and her older sister Akane (voice: Yoshioka Riho) have lived alone together since losing their parents in an accident 13 years ago. One day, Akane's ex-boyfriend with whom she'd lost contact, Shinnosuke (voice: Yoshizawa Ryo), returns to the city in which they reside. And then high schooler Shinnosuke also shows up from 13 years out of the past.

Tatsuyuki Nagai
Mari Okada
Character Design
Masayoshi Tanaka
Chief Design Director
Masayoshi Tanaka
Production house
Clover Works
Release Date in Japan