Fortuna’s Eye
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The film is based on the novel “Fortuna’s Eye” by Naoki Hyakuta, author of the blockbusters “The Eternal Zero” and “Fueled: The Man They Called “Pirate.” It is a beautiful, but heartbreaking love story about a young man with the mysterious gift of “sight” – Fortuna’s Eye -- who fights to defy destiny when confronted with the impending death of the only woman he loves. Ryunosuke Kamiki, the talented 25-year-old actor with a 20-year career takes on the lead role of Shinichiro Kiyama. His other credits include “BAKUMAN” and “your name.” (voice). The popular Kasumi Arimura of “Flying Colours” and the TV series “Hiyokko” plays the heroine Aoi Kiryu. Directing the film is Takahiro Miki, master of coming-of-age films, whose credits include “BLUE SPRING RIDE” and “My tomorrow, Your yesterday.” This emotional “fantasy love story” is coming your way in 2019.


Shinichiro Kiyama (Ryunosuke Kamiki) lost his entire family in a tragic plane crash while still a young boy. As an adult, he has no friends, no girlfriend, and lives for work alone. But his life changes dramatically when he realizes he has “Fortuna’s Eye” – the mysterious ability to “see right through people who are about to die.” While struggling with the power of his newfound “gift” he meets Aoi Kiryu (Kasumi Arimura) at a cell phone shop. Aoi is a cheerful girl who lifts Shinichiro’s confidence and inspires him to dream. They are drawn to each other and the ensuing days are filled with happiness. But their happiness is short-lived as Shinichiro one day begins to “see through” Aoi…

Shinichiro is tormented with a painful decision: Should he save Aoi and die in her place or save himself and watch her die? If you saw “death” in your partner’s future, what choice would you make?

Directed by
Takahiro Miki
Riko Sakaguchi
Ryunosuke Kamiki, Kasumi Arimura
Original story
Novel “Fortuna’s Eye”
Written by Naoki Hyakuta
Published by Shinchosha
Release Date in Japan