Black Widow Business
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Are your assets really safe? Matchmaking means moneymaking.


There are over 4,000 marriage agencies in Japan, and more than 600,000 people knock on their doors every year. In recent years, as the number of senior registrants increased, the number of crimes which female gold diggers seduce single wealthy old men to marry her for the purpose of obtaining his fortune also increased. One of those cases has become a vicious and infamous crime, which has gotten into the news and widely talked about all over Japan. We named the way such wicked women snatches fortune from innocent old men and his family "senior-marriage business." Our story not only stays social that depicts this “senior-marriage-business” as a crime that can actually happen in reality, but also turns it into a highly entertaining comedy, just like a Juzo Itami film, by portraying the deceiving woman vibrantly, using fast-paced monologue in Osaka dialect, and creating comical characters that are so greedy and full of energy that even sometimes they look ridiculous.


The 80-year-old man, Kozo Nakase, who used to be a professor at a women’s junior college, has married Sayoko as a second marriage. One day Kozo has fallen ill and once it turns out he will not recover, Sayoko suddenly demands his daughters, Tomomi and Naoko, an excessive amount of money for the funeral, although he is still alive. A few days later, Kozo passes away. At his funeral, they are told by Sayoko that she will be inheriting all of his assets. Tomomi is outraged by this, but she cannot argue when Sayoko shows her Kozo’s notarized will that is legally effective. Tomomi decides to fight back Sayoko, and contacts Honda, a lawyer she used to go to school with. She then finds out that they have become victims of “senior-marriage-business”, a crime a woman becomes the wife of wealthy old man and deceives him of his money using marriage as her means and many men who had been married to Sayoko have gone missing and are nowhere to be found. In Sayoko’s case, she has a partner called Kashiwagi for her crime, a manager of a marriage agency. He would introduce his wealthy customers to Sayoko and she would seduce these old men, and takes their money using tricks that Kashiwagi teaches her, and they would split their prize. After Kozo’s death, Sayoko goes to a new dating party that Kashiwagi throws. There they set their target on a retired real estate agent, Funayama. They go on a few dates, and Funayama falls for Sayoko as planned, but this time Sayoko unexpectedly also feels attracted to Funayama’s gentle personality.

Yasuo Tsuruhashi
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Hiroyuki Kurokawa
Hisashi Usui
Nen Hyou
Yasuo Tsuruhashi
Shinobu Otake
Etsushi Toyokawa
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