After the Rain
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A girl who had to give up her dreams due to an injury, fall in love with the gentle spirit of 45 years, divorced, single father, with nothing going…


Playing the protagonist of the high school student [Akira] is Nana Komatsu, who appeared in major films such as “BAKUMAN” (2015), “Drowning Love” (2016), and “My tomorrow, Your yesterday” (2016). Her performance has caught the attention of Martin Scorsese, and was cast in his film “Silence,” marking the global debut of the 21-year-old actress, arguably the most talented of her generation. She’ll be bringing to life Akira’s cool demeanor, and will express the character’s complex emotions. Playing the role of the family restaurant manager [Kondo], with whom [Akira] falls in love, is the multitalented Yo Oizumi, who has appeared in various films such as “I AM A HERO” (2016) and “The Last Shot in the Bar” (2017). Oizumi, loved by a wide range of audiences for his strong acting, impressive presence, and mild voice, plays a dull yet attractive middle-aged man with delicate balance. Director Akira Nagai, who has made his name as a commercial director while also directing various stylish films that have broken conventional Japanese film standards, such as “If Cats Disappeared from the World” (2016) and “TEIICHI -Battle of Supreme High-” (2017). He’ll aim to create a film that will respect the gentle atmosphere of the original works while driving the character’s emotions straight into to the hearts of the audience.


Akira Tachibana (17), a second year high school student, who had been on the running team, had to give up her dream of becoming a track and field star due to an injury. Discouraged, Akira walks into a family restaurant, where she meets the divorced, single father, Masami Kondo (45 years old), the restaurant manager, who speaks to Akira softly. From that moment, Akira falls in love with Kondo, and begins working part-time at the restaurant. Akira generally plays it cool. But while she is working, every time she speaks to Kondo, her cheeks turn red from nervousness, and she can’t manage her usual tone. Unable to hold in her emotions anymore, she confesses her love to Kondo. A divorced, single father, with nothing going for him, Kondo is troubled by the 28-year age gap between them, but as he receives awkward yet dedicated affection from Akira, he gradually begins to regain youthful emotions that he thought he’d lost long ago. Eventually, Akira finds out that Kondo was formerly an aspiring novelist, and wants to ask him about his past, but due to his strong feelings of frustration with novels, Kondo pushes Akira away. Akira is faced with a sense of self-loathing, as she begins to think she is troubling Kondo, and is struck by the same sense of loss as when she gave up on track and field. Not wanting to give up anymore, Akira is determined to talk to Kondo. “Is it troubling for you that I like you…?” Kondo, struck by her pure emotions, can’t help but hug her. Kondo wants to avoid hurting Akira anymore by letting her get close to him, so he begins to stress the fact that they are just friends from that day on. Akira accepts this fact, and decides to see Kondo as a friend, turning back to the track and field she had given up on in the past. Inspired by Akira, Kondo decides to tackle his dream of becoming a novelist once again, and the relationship between the two develops into a special one where they cheer each other on to achieve their dreams.

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Mayuduki Jun
Satoshi Nagai
Riko Sakaguchi
Nana Komatsu
Yo Oizumi
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