A Loving Husband
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A humorous yet loving and unique tale of a family!


The married couple began with divorce papers.
Today, there are an abundance of films that depict young love. The up-and-coming screenwriter Kazuhiko Yukawa, who has gifted the world with his phenomenally highly rated TV dramas "I am Mita, Your Housekeeper" (2011), makes his long-awaited directorial debut with "A Loving Husband," which he penned himself. His debut film has been nominated for the 40th Montreal World Film Festival's First Films World Competition category, and has received rave reviews at the festival, proving that the story is globally appealing


Yohei Miyamoto (Hiroshi Abe) and Miyoko (Yuki Amami) began dating after meeting at a matchmaking party at a family restaurant during their university days. Yohei planned to go on to graduate school, and Miyoko dreamt of becoming a teacher, but one day, the two discovered that Miyoko was pregnant. Although he was bewildered inside, Yohei proposed to Miyoko after feeling a sense of responsibility as a man, and chose to become a teacher in Miyoko's place.
27 years later. Tadashi, the only child of the Miyamoto household, got married, and became independent before the couple even realized it. Yohei and Miyoko only have each other as company for the first time since they got married. After both turning 50, the couple became husband and wife for the first time, after being a father and a mother. To celebrate their newfound solitude, Miyoko opens a bottle of wine, sweetly saying, "From now on, we stop calling each other Mom and Dad, and call each other by our names!" as if they were a newly married couple, but Miyoko quickly gets drunk and falls asleep. Seeing her sleeping face, Yohei keenly thinks, "She's gotten old…" and begins looking around the bookshelf. Yohei finds the first book he lent to Miyoko when they began dating, A Dark Night's Passing. Feeling nostalgic, Yohei flips through the pages, and suddenly, an envelope falls from inside. The contents… divorce papers with Miyoko's seal on it!
Yohei is severely upset, but finds himself unable to wake up Miyoko to question her, and spends the night worrying endlessly. From the next day, Yohei reads deeply into Miyoko's every words and behavior, and can't stop thinking about the meaning behind the divorce papers. One day, Miyoko suddenly leaves the house, saying she's going to check up on Tadashi. Yohei takes A Dark Night's Passing from the bookshelf, but the divorce papers were nowhere to be found……

What is Yohei Miyamoto going to do?! What will happen to the Miyamotos?!

Kazuhiko Yukawa
Original Story
Kiyoshi Shigematsu
Kazuhiko Yukawa
Hiroshi Abe
Yuki Amami
Mamiko Hirai
Release Date in Japan
Running Time
117 min.