Invasion of Astro-Monster
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A mysterious new planet has been discovered in our solar system. A United Nations spaceship is dispatched to investigate. The crew consists of American astronaut Glenn and Japanese astronaut Fuji. The planet, dubbed Planet X, has been bombarding Earth with weird magnetic waves.
On the voyage, Fuji learns that his little sister, Haruno, is dating an eccentric inventor named Tetsuo. The astronaut doesn’t like him, and warns his sibling not to do anything foolish until he gets back.
Tetsuso, meanwhile, has invented a high-intensity alarm, which he sells to a toy company for a generous amount of money. He takes Fuji’s sister to a restaurant to celebrate. They are joined by a toy company executive named Miss Namikawa.
Meanwhile, the spaceship lands on Planet X. Glenn and Fuji learn that the aliens who dwell there are being attacked by King Ghidorah, who they call “Monster Zero.” The people of Planet X ask to borrow Godzilla and Rodan in hopes of defeating Monster Zero. They offer a miracle cure for all disease in return for Earth’s cooperation.
Glenn and Fuji return with the offer. As the Earth government debates the issue, Glenn courts Miss Namikawa, unaware that she is secretly a spy from Planet X.
Finally, the aliens show up on Earth and take Godzilla and Rodan away to their world in force bubbles towed by flying saucers. Glenn and Fuji go with them.
On Planet X, Godzilla and Rodan easily vanquish Monster Zero. The aliens give Glenn and Fuji a tape that they claim contains a formula to cure all illness. Back on Earth, the tape is played, but proves to be an ultimatum. The people of Plant X now control Godzilla and Rodan, who they plan to use as weapons against Earth’s military might unless mankind surrenders.
Tetsuso, meanwhile, wonders why his invention is not being marketed. He follows Miss Namikawa and learns she is an alien. He is captured, and so is Glenn. Namikawa confesses to the American astronaut that she is an alien, and that she has fallen in love with him against the orders of her masters.
Namikawa is destroyed by the evil Controller of Planet X, but Tetsuo activates a sample of his alarm and learns that inhabitants of Planet X are vulnerable to the sound. Glenn and Tetsuo escape and tell the government what they have learned. Soon Tetsuo’s invention is activated all over the world. The sound brings down the saucers and breaks the control the aliens have over the monsters.
In a last desperate move, the aliens send Monster Zero to destroy Earth, but Godzilla and Rodan stop the three-headed monster, saving humanity.

Executive Producer
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Jun Fukuda
Shinichi Sekizawa
Masaru Sato
Special Effects
Eiji Tsuburaya
Akira Takarada
Kumi Mizuno
Sunazuka Hideo
Chotaro Togin
Toru Ibuki
Akihiko Hirata
Jun Tazaki
Pair Bambi
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