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The best-selling ten volume manga series “Strobe Edge” by Io Sakisaka sold over 4.9 million copies. “Strobe Edge” is the long-awaited film adaptation of the Sakisaka series considered to be the genesis of “BLUE SPRING RIDE” ? another Sakisaka blockbuster manga that was made into a TV anime series and a live action film. The title “Strobe Edge” represents the passionate and often painful emotions associated with love ? like a “Strobe”, powerful, bright and piercing, cutting through the heart like a knife’s “Edge.” In the opening scene, a naive high school student, Ninako Kinoshita, confesses her love to Ren Ichinose, the most popular boy in the school, but is rejected on the spot. Unrequited love is a recurring theme in this high school drama. Two of today’s hottest young stars join forces in the leading roles. Sota Fukushi plays Ren Ichinose, whose kindness and sensitivity lay hidden beneath his cool exterior. Kasumi Arimura plays Ninako Kinoshita, a pure hearted high school girl who refuses to give up on love, even when her feelings are not returned. In “Strobe Edge”, Director Ryuichi Hiroki of mega hits “April Bride” and “Crying 100 Times” portrays the awkwardness of young love with warmth and sensitivity. Passionate feelings intersect, but have nowhere to go. The touching love story will pierce your heart like a knife’s edge.


Ninako Kinoshita (Kasumi Arimura) has never been in love before. She meets Ren Ichinose (Sota Fukushi) , the most popular boy in school, on her train ride home. As they get to know each other, Ninako gradually discovers that despite his cool demeanor, Ren’s words, actions and smile are full of warmth and she finds herself falling in love for the first time. But Ren has an older girlfriend Mayuka (Arisa Sato) who he has been seeing since middle school... Despite knowing of Ren’s relationship, Ninako wants to tell him how she feels and confesses her love, but Ren rejects her. Ren has always felt a little insecure with his older girlfriend, Mayuka, who is growing up faster than he is. His feelings begin to change as he becomes accustomed to Ninako’s straightforward honesty. Ninako is resigned to the fact that she and Ren can never be more than “friends”, but she can’t stop her feelings from growing stronger every day. Meanwhile, another classmate, Ando (Yuki Yamada) is drawn to Ninako, despite knowing that she is in love with his friend, Ren. Daiki (Jingi Irie) also falls for Ninako, but he is turned away. And then there’s Ando’s “ex” Mao (Yuina Kuroshima)... Feelings of unrequited love intersect and begin to gather momentum.






HIROKI Ryuichi
Original Comic
SEBU Hiroko
Release Date in Japan
Running time
116 min