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Today's hottest girls' comic “BLUE SPRING RIDE” has been made into a live-action movie in a timely fashion in 2014! The original comic has been collected into 10 volumes with over 6 million copies in circulation (as of July 2014), an astounding figure that still continues to grow before the movie's release.
The original Japanese title “AOHA Ride” is a neologism by the creator of the comic, Io Sakisaka, a word combining "ao haru (= youthful days)" and "ride." The word expresses the hope that "all the characters will successfully ride the waves of their youth." The unforgettable first love from junior high and the fateful reunion in high school... The difficult, painful romance between Futaba, the protagonist, and Ko, the boy she first fell in love with, will be vibrantly depicted on the silver screen along with their friendships with the others around them.
The heroine Futaba Yoshioka, who tackles her romances and friendships head-on, is played by Tsubasa Honda, a new star in the world of Japanese cinema. Ko Mabuchi, the young man she falls in love with for the first time who hides a kind heart behind the cool facade is played by Masahiro Higashide, one of the most sought-after young actors in the business today. Two of the most talented and trending young stars will be appearing on the screen together. Furthermore, a supporting cast of next-generation talents including Yua Shinkawa, Ryo Yoshizawa, Izumi Fujimoto, Yudai Chiba, and Mitsuki Takahata will be playing the roles of the classmates who become deeply involved in the two main characters' romance, adding touches of brilliance to the film. Director Takahiro Miki and screenwriter Tomoko Yoshida, who collaborated on the blockbuster hit “WE WERE THERE (Bokura ga ita)”, will work together again to release this new young romantic film into the world.
Even if they fall or they're hurt, the "ao haru riders" keep facing forward and run like the wind. The intersection of their honest emotions has been captured in the sweetest young love story to be released this winter!


Futaba (Tsubasa Honda) and Ko (Masahiro Higashide) used to like each other in the 7th grade but had been separated and gone their different ways. They are reunited in the spring of their sophomore year in high school, but Futaba is perplexed by the way Ko seems to have become a different person in some respects. But underneath the cold words and actions, it turns out that he is still the same kindhearted young man he used to be, and Futaba can't help but fall in love with him again.
The other characters in the story include their classmates who become their friends: Shuuko (Yua Shinkawa), Kominato (Ryo Yoshizawa), and Yuuri (Izumi Fujimoto). Toma (Yudai Chiba) becomes attracted to Futaba. Then there's Yui (Mitsuki Takahata), who gets in the way of Futaba and Ko's relationship.
The secret that Ko carries from the four years he was gone is gradually brought to light. As they struggle in the face of the helplessness that youth entails, Futaba and Ko's romance begins to move forward once again.


HONDA Tsubasa




MIKI Takahiro
Original Comic
KAWADA Takahiro
ONISHI Takayuki
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Running time
122 min