MIRACLE: Devil Claus' Love and Magic
Original Title:
MIRACLE デビクロくんの恋と魔法

© 2014 Asmik Ace / TOHO / J Storm / SHOGAKUKAN
© 2013 Kou Nakamura / Shogakukan © 2014 Asmik Ace / TOHO / J Storm / SHOGAKUKAN © 2013 Kou Nakamura / Shogakukan


When you fall for someone, would you ever be ready to open your heart, and confess to one you fall? There would be a classic love story for everyone to follow when falling. A heart is filled with loving, missing, aching feel, and eventually wanting to rush to tell that you love, feeling fears for possible breakup of a friendship if there may be. Here comes at last, the long anticipated film adaptation of the Kou Nakamura novel which was inspired by Tatsuro Yamashita’s holiday classic “Christmas Eve”. Under the direction of Isshin Inudo (“Josee, the Tiger and the Fish”, “The Floating Castle”), Miracle: Devil Claus’ Love and Magic successfully illustrates the heartfelt romance with a magnificent list of its casts. Starring Masaki Aiba, marks his first leading role ever, Nana Eikura, Korean actress Han Hyo joo (“Dong Yi”, popular TV drama series in South Korea) and Toma Ikuta, plus Gekidan-Hitori as the voice of Devil Claus. In this holiday season, the tale will bring you the most magical and heartfelt moment ever.


Hikaru works in a bookstore as a clerk, and is also an aspiring comic book writer. One day, he encountered a young, beautiful, world-renowned lightening designer named So-Yeon, as he fell in love in a blink of an eye. He assumed that he has finally found “The One”. Hikaru asked his old friend Anna for a help, then he discovered that Anna is a workmate of So-Yeon. Anna was apparently willing to offer its full support for Hikaru, but in the unseen, Anna had a heart so torn apart for she had also kept secret of an unanswered love for Hikaru deep inside of her heart for so long. Meanwhile, Hikaru reunited with Kitayama, his friend from his college days, then Hikaru also discovers that Kitayama was dating So-Yeon. The four hearts keep on and off, connected and disconnected, move back and forth... As there seemed to be a dead end, there came Devil Claus, Hikaru’s secret pal who can only be seen by him.

On the holy night, Devil Claus brings out miracle to the four hearts in love!

Original Story
Ko Nakamura
Isshin Inudo
Tomoe Kanno
Miyako Araki
Masaki Aiba
Nana Eikura
HAN Hyo joo
Toma Ikuta
Koji Ueno
Music Supervisor
Tatsuro Yamashita
Takahiro Tsukai
Release Date in Japan