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Jun Matsumoto, a member of the most popular boys vocal group ARASHI, returns to the silver screen 5 years after his explosive hit, “Boys over Flowers the movie”, to pair up with Juri Ueno, one of Japan's great actress who played the leading role in a historical drama series on NHK TV in 2011, herself returning to cinema 3 years after the popular 2-part “Nodame Cantabile The Movie”. The powerful duo are directed by romance genre master, Takahiro Miki, of “Solanin”(2010) and “We Were There” (2012) fame, with the film's tone being set by the Beach Boys'classic, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”. The last scene will be led by Tatsuro Yamashita's newly-released song especially written for this film, delivering an uplifting and moving finish.


Kosuke (Jun Matsumoto) is working as a salesman for an advertising company in Tokyo. Since he's a little introverted, his adult life has lacked a girlfriend or any real color... until when visiting a client, where he encounters a beautiful and charming girl. It takes no long before he realizes that the girl was Mao (Juri Ueno), an old classmate from his middle school. Back then, she was an innocent girl whom he had defended on numerous occasions when she had been teased. That was when first feelings of love had bloomed between them. But after Kosuke soon moved away, they hadn't been in touch for 10 years. Mao, unlike 10 years ago, is like a ray of sunshine, cheerful and sincere in disposition. Kosuke falls in love again. "Even after you left, I never forgot you, Kosuke", Mao confesses to him. Mao's strong feelings toward him seem to have made their wonderful reunion come true.
Promising their eternal love for each other, they start to live together, which, however, do not last long. Kosuke notices Mao is losing her flesh and weakening inexplicably, but Mao refuses to tell what is happening to her. While he is at a loss of what to do, one day, all of a sudden, Mao disappears. Strangely, also from the memories of her family and her colleagues! In a desperate attempt to prevent losing Mao forever, Kosuke finds himself guided by strong feeling at the coastal town where the two had made memories together.
―Will she be there?

Original Story
Osamu Koshigaya
Takahiro Miki
Tomoe Kanno
Kosuke Mukai
Jun Matsumoto
Juri Ueno
Yoko Itakura
Sound Recording
Masahito Yano
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