King Kong vs. Godzilla
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The United Nations dispatches a submarine, the Sea Hawk, to study abnormally high temperatures in the Bering Sea. But as soon as the Sea Hawk arrives, it is damaged and sends out a distress signal. When a rescue helicopter arrives, its crew spots Godzilla breaking out of an iceberg. The monster heads south, to Japan once more.
Meanwhile, Pacific Pharmaceuticals has sent an expedition to Faro Island to find samples of a new medical berry. Mr. Tako, the head of the company, also wants to capture the legendary monster of the island to boost his company’s visibility on television.
Soon after the expedition arrives, a giant octopus attacks the native village. The creatures is dispatched by a giant ape called King Kong. Kong then drinks the berry juice processed by the villagers and falls into a deep sleep. The expedition builds a raft and hauls Kong to Japan.
As Godzilla ravages the Japanese countryside, Kong awakens and breaks free of the raft. The two monsters meet for a first battle, which Kong loses. The ape then enters Tokyo and takes a woman hostage. Again, the berries are used to knock Kong out, and balloons lift the monster ape to Mt. Fuji, where Kong is dropped on top of Godzilla.
A second, decisive battle takes place. Both monsters plunge into the ocean, and Godzilla disappears. Kong is seen swimming back to Faro Island―seemingly the victor of the battle.

Executive Producer
Tomoyuki Tanaka

Monsters on Screen