Godzilla Final Wars
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Incessant wars and nuclear explosions have steadily eroded the global environment, and over-developed science has awakened a large number of monsters from hibernation. Having foregone generations of fighting one another, men find themselves in a new era of joining forces to combat the threat of giant monsters. To accomplish this, they assembled an international military organization, the Earth-Defense Force consisting of talented mutants called Organization M.
In Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island prefecture, the mummy of a mysterious monster is found. Shinichi Ozaki, one of Organization M’s mutants, investigates the discovery with Miyuki Otonashi, a biologist sent from the United Nations. Meanwhile, monsters simultaneously attack cities around the world―New York, Paris, Shanghai, Sydney…The Earth-Defense Force promptly mobilizes its combatants, but they find themselves outnumbered by the monsters. The world is plunged into panic. In the confusion, a military aircraft becomes missing with U.N. Secretary-General Daigo aboard. Earth-Defense Force Headquarters does its utmost to defeat the monsters. Nothing seems to work. Ozaki tries to purge the monsters using supernatural power in cooperation with Kazama, another mutant combatant.
While the battle rages, UFOs appear in the sky and radiate beams, which quickly disperse the monsters. Instead, they gather in Japan where Earth-Defense Force Headquarters is located. From one of the UFO’s alights Secretary-General Daigo, who has been missing, and he proposes an affiliation with the aliens from Planet X. The heads of nations around the world agree to shake hands with the aliens. Harboring doubts about the alien’s intentions, however, Ozaki and Miyuki start investigating them, teaming with Anna, Miyuki’s sister who works as a newscaster. They ask the captain of a giant submarine “Goten” for help. With them abroad the huge vessel, the final war begins.
Meanwhile, deep under the ice of Antarctica, the king of monsters sleeps―Godzilla.
Must it be Godzilla who saves mankind?

Executive Producer
Shogo Tomiyama
Ryuhei Kitamura
Wataru Mimura
Isao Kiriyama
Keith Emerson
Nobuhiko Morino
Daisuke Yano
Special Effects
Eiichi Asada
Masahiro Matsuoka
Rei Kikukawa
Don Frye
Maki Mizuno
Kazuki Kitamura
Kane Kosugi
Kumi Mizuno
Kenji Sahara
Masakatsu Funaki
Masami Nagasawa
Chihiro Otsuka
Kenta Suga
Wataru Shihodo
Shigeru Izumiya
Masatoh Ibu
Akira Nakao
Koichi Ueda
Jun Hashizume
Ko Takasugi
Hideo Sakaki
Shinichi Hatori
Kenji Kohashi
Shiro Sano
Shosuke Tanihara
Tamao Sato
Yoji Tanaka
Koichi Yamadera
Jun Kunimura
Akira Takarada
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