Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla
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1954. Godzilla raided Japan for the first time and burned down Tokyo overnight. No weapons could stop it, but finally the oxygen-destroyer invented by Dr. Serizawa killed it in an instant. The scientist, who was worried that the superweapon might be used for warfare bringing terrible disasters to human beings in the future, willingly died with the monster. Since Godzilla, Japan has frequently suffered the peril of atrocious giant monsters. To protect the country from them, the government organized a special combat team called AMMT (Anti-MegaMonsters Troop), equipped with newly-developed weapons like Master Beam Guns.
1999. Half a century afterwards, AMMT was on a special mission off Boso Peninsula, where Godzilla suddenly appeared to raid Japan again. ATTM mobilized all their powerful weapons which were proved effective before, but to no avail. The monster began to wreak havoc, crushing AMMT tanks and troopers under its huge trunks. In the confusion, Akane Yashiro at the wheel of a vehicle erroneously pushes another vehicle down the cliff, which was instantly crushed by Godzilla. Though Akane was saved, she blamed herself for causing the death of another member. The government gathered Japan’s leading scientist to produce a decisive anti-Godzilla device.
2003. After four years’ scrupulous preparation under the prime minister, a new invincible robot, Mechagodzilla, has now reached completion, armed with various weapons, including the most powerful gun in history that can destroy anything in the world. Akane Yashiro, still tormented by the sad memories, is transferred to join the Mechagodzilla team as an operator who controls the mechanical monster. As soon as Mechagodzilla starts on its test run, the huge shadow of Godzilla begins to rise from the depths of the ocean.
The battle of the century is going to take place between Godzilla and Mechagodzilla!

Executive Producer
Shogo Tomiyama
Masaaki Tezuka
Wataru Mimura
Michiru Oshima
Special Effects
Yuichi Kikuchi
Yumiko Shaku
Shin Takuma
Haruna Onodera
Ko Takasugi
Yusuke Tomoi
Junichi Mizuno
Kumi Mizuno
Akira Nakao
Takeo Nakahara
Yukikazu Kano
Koichi Ueda
Akira Shirai
Midori Hagio
Naomasa Musaka
Shinji Morisue
Hideki Matsui
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