Godzilla 2000: Millennium
Original Title:
ゴジラ 2000 ミレニアム

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Through the dense fog covering Cape Nosappu of Nemuro, Hokkaido, we vaguely see three figures moving about, busily laying some sensor-like instruments. They are Yuji Shonoda―leader of GPN (Godzilla Prediction Network), Yuki Ichinose, a science journalist, and Shinoda’s daughter Iyo. Shonoda is currently the top Godzilla expert in this country. But he just quit his job at a university, to be free to travel through the country and organize a network of information gathering on Godzilla, which may help predict its next appearance. Yuki does not understand Shinoda’s passion for Godzilla, but she supports Shinoda’s belief that a timely prediction of Godzilla’s appearance will minimize the damage and save precious lives.
That very night, the mighty Godzilla emerges from the sea! With a towering height of 55 meters and an almost invincible fighting force, Godzilla demolishes the entire city of Nemura. Shinoda tries to approach Godzilla on a 4WD vehicle, but is spotted by Godzilla and barely escapes its attack. Another power plant gets crushed by Godzilla. We see Godzilla’s silhouette flash through the smokes of the burning city. The roars of Godzilla echoes into the night sky.
Earlier that week, a huge rock was discovered in the deep sea of Japan Trench, off the coast of Kashuma-nada, Ibaraki prefecture. Shiro Miyasaka, science officer at CCI (Crisis Control Intelligence Agency), who studied this rock concluded that this was a meteorite―some 6000 years old―made of unknown material that does not exist on earth. When people try to raise it to the surface of the sea, the rock ascends on its own!! Miyasaka makes another scientific survey of the rock, now strangely afloat.
Godzilla reappears in Tokai Mura and heads for the nuclear power plant. Mitsuo Katagiri, Chief of CCI and deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, leads the Self Defense Force to protect the nuclear power plant from Godzilla. Shinoda hurries to the site, only to be ignored by Katagiri who orders a direct attack on Godzilla. He wants to use the newly developed Full-Metal Missile. Just then, Katagiri receives an unbelievable report from Miyasaka, that the mysterious floating rock is now flying towards Tokai Mura!!
Godzilla meets the gigantic “flying rock” and blows a super heat-wave. The mighty heat peals off the rock, only to reveal an amazing UFO hidden underneath. The UFO, now clearly visible, attacks Godzilla with a hyperblaster. Godzilla is blown off the sea and disappears from our sight, but it’s final blow had equally damaged the UFO, causing it to fall to the ground and seemingly cease all its activities.
Shinoda and Miyasaka are old buddies from college years. They cooperate with each other to study the giant UFO and the remains of Godzilla’s cells. To their surprise, the UFO seems totally dead, showing no signs of life whatsoever.
Little by little, we learn the secrets of Godzilla’s amazing recovery capabilities derived from the ‘Organizer-G1’. As Shinozuka says, Godzilla is full of surprises. By studying Godzilla, we may be able to unravel the secrets of all life forms on this planet.
Suddenly, the gigantic UFO moves again. It flies towards Shinjuku, of Tokyo’s busiest districts, and hijacks the central computer network. What does it want? Everybody is ordered to evacuate. Katagiri orders the troops to destroy the UFO, when suddenly Godzilla reappears and throws its angry heat beam to the flying UFO. In the middle of this flight, the giant UFO makes a direct attack on Godzilla to snatch it’s ‘Organizer-G1’. The UFO uses it and transforms itself to become a super-gigantic life form: ‘Orga’. This was only the beginning of an endless deadly battle between Godzilla and Orga.

Executive Producer
Shogo Tomiyama
Takao Okawara
Hiroshi Kashiwabara
Wataru Mimura
Takayuki Hattori
Special Effects
Kenji Suzuki
Takehiro Murata
Hiroshi Abe
Naomi Nishida
Shiro Sano
Mayu Suzuki
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