Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
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The UNGCC has developed a brand-new weapon, the Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aerotype, or MOGUERA. This weapon can split into segments, burrow underground, and fly into deep space. MOGUERA is operated by members of G-Force, the military arm of the UNGCC.
But Dr. Okubo and Dr. Gondo have begun work on a competing project. They hope to implant a psychic receiver in Godzilla’s brain and control the monster’s every move. Miki Saegusa, now Director of G-Force’s Psychic Center, is opposed to their project.
But G-Force sends Lieutenants Sato and Shinjo to Birth Island, where Godzilla and LittleGodzilla now live. (LittleGodzilla is the slightly older BabyGodzilla from the previous film.) These two soldiers are equipped with the first stage of the plan―the psychic receiver and a huge injection gun to fire it into Godzilla’s brain stem.
On the island, the soldiers meet their commander, Major Yuki, who is conducting a personal war against Godzilla.
When Godzilla arrives, Sato and Shinjo prepare to fire the receiver into the monster’s body. They are successful, and Miki finds she can control Godzilla with her mind. Meanwhile, a monster is discovered heading for Earth from deep space. MOGUERA is sent to do battle, but quickly retreats in the face of the power of SpaceGodzilla.
When SpaceGodzilla arrives on Earth, it heads for Birth Island, where it entraps LittleGodzilla in a crystal prison and defeats Godzilla. Meanwhile, Dr. Okubo is revealed to be a criminal. He helps a mercenary team take control of Birth Island, Miki, and the psychic technology. He plans to control Godzilla and sell the monster’s might to the highest bidder.
Yuki arrives and saves Miki. SpaceGodzilla quickly vaporizes Dr. Okubo and the mind-control technology.
SpaceGodzilla is destroying everything in its path. Yuki returns to Japan and takes charge of MOGUERA. He is sent to confront SpaceGodzilla in Fukuoka. Instead, he disobeys orders and heads for Godzilla. Sato takes control of MOGUERA and does battle with SpaceGodzilla.
Godzilla arrives too, and a three-way struggle ensues. In the end, MOGUERA and Godzilla unite to defeat SpaceGodzilla and free LittleGodzilla. Yuki gives up his obsession with killing Godzilla and is embraced by Gondo, who confesses her love for him.

Executive Producer
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Cooperation production
Shogo Tomiyama
Kensho Yamashita
Hiroshi Kashiwabara
Takayuki Hattori
Special Effects
Koichi Kawakita
Jun Hashizume
Megumi Odaka
Zenkichi Yoneyama
Akira Nakao
Yosuke Saito
Koichi Ueda
Kenji Sahara
Akira Emoto
Towako Yoshikawa
Keiko Imamura
Sayaka Osawa
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