Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
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In 1992, an international organization is formed. UNGCC (The United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center) is created to battle Godzilla or any other monster that threatens mankind. The organization’s first feat is to retrieve the remains of Mecha-King Ghidorah and use the technology to create two super-weapons.
The first weapon, a flying machine called Garuda, is considered a failure. But the second, Mechagodzilla, is the crowning achievement of the program.
One of the technicians, Aoki, still believes in the Garuda. To his distress, Aoki is transferred to UNGCC and joins the crew of Mechagodzilla.
Meanwhile, on remote Adonoa Island, Professor Omae discovers the fossilized eggs of a huge dinosaur, as well as a preserved egg that seems alive. The living egg is guarded by a flying monster called Rodan. As the science team grabs the egg, Godzilla arrives and battles Rodan to the death.
Back in Japan, a scientist named Azusa is assigned to watch the egg. She soon learns that the egg reacts to her presence. Aoki visits the lab and steals a sample of the prehistoric ferns found near the egg. He gives the plant to Miki Saegusa, who studies it with the psychic schoolchildren she trains. Miki and the children come up with a tape of psychic “music” that they play for the egg. The egg immediately hatches, but instead of a tiny Rodan, a BabyGodzilla emerges. The music also seems to retrieve Rodan, who transforms into the larger and more powerful Fire Rodan and flies toward Japan.
Just then, Godzilla itself returns, heading for Kyoto. Mechagodzilla is sent to attack, but Godzilla takes the robot out. The army attacks next, but is ineffective. BabyGodzilla begins to call for its parent.
Aoki corners the head of the project, Dr. Asimov, and suggests that Mechagodzilla’s power can be doubled if they attach the Garuda to its back. The scientist agrees, and they create Super Mechagodzilla.
A plan to lure Godzilla with BabyGodzilla is developed. Miki is disgusted, but agrees to go along with the scheme. Fire Rodan arrives and tries to wrest BabyGodzilla from the humans. But Super Mechagodzilla attacks, and Fire Rodan is killed.
When Godzilla appears, the plan to kill it is implemented. A G-Crusher weapon destroys Godzilla’s secondary brain, in his spine. Godzilla cries out and collapses, but Fire Rodan, in a last act of self-sacrifice, transfers its life energy to Godzilla. Now revived, Godzilla quickly destroys Mechagodzilla and joins BabyGodzilla.
The two creatures escape into Tokyo bay. Mankind's weapons were no match for nature’s fury.

Executive Producer
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Shogo Tomiyama
Wataru Mimura
Takao Okawara
Akira Ifukube
Special Effects
Koichi Kawakita
Masahiro Takashima
Ryoko Sano
Megumi Odaka
Daijiro Harada
Ichirota Miyakawa
Kenji Sahara
Lasalle Ishii
Tadao Takashima
Akira Nakao
Yusuke Kawazu
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