Godzilla Raids Again
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Tsukioka and Kobayashi are pilots for a small Japanese fishing fleet. While on patrol, searching for schools of tuna, Kobayashi’s plane malfunctions and he is forced to land on remote Iwato Island. He is soon joined by Tsukioka, and the two men witness a terrible battle between two prehistoric monsters.
Back in Tokyo, the pilots tell the authorities about the creatures. Dr. Yamane warns that these two creatures are as dangerous as Godzilla, who wrecked Tokyo months before but was killed by the Oxygen Destroyer.
One of the creatures if actually of the same species as Godzilla. This “new” Godzilla soon approaches Osaka. The city is evacuated, but escaping prisoners from the local jail start a massive fire, which attracts the attention of both Godzilla and its nemesis Anguirus.
The two monsters battle in the heart of Osaka until Anguirus is killed and and its body is burned up by Godzilla. The monster departs, leaving the city ruins.
Tsukioka and Kobayashi are transferred to Hokkaido because the Osaka cannery has been destroyed. News soon follows that Godzilla has struck again. While on patrol, Kobayashi spots Godzilla in a huge ice field. Kobayashi’s plane is hit by the monster’s fiery breath, and he crashes into the icy mountain.
Though Godzilla cannot be killed, Tsukioka realizes that Kobayashi’s death may have given them an idea. Why not bury Godzilla under tons of ice?
In a second attack, jet fighters bomb the mountains around Godzilla, entombing the creature in ice, hopefully forever.

Executive Producer
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Motoyoshi Oda
Takeo Murata
Shigeaki Hidaka
Masaru Sato
Special Effects
Eiji Tsuburaya
Hiroshi Koizumi
Minoru Chiaki
Setsuko Wakayama
Mayuri Mokusho
Yoshio Tsuchiya
Ren Yamamoto
Masao Shimizu
Takashi Shimura
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