Godzilla vs. Biollante
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In the aftermath of Tokyo’s destruction by Godzilla in 1985, a group of mercenaries working for a corporation called Biomajor attack a biologist team recovering pieces of Godzilla’s flesh from the ruins. The mercenaries successfully grab a sample of Godzilla’s cells, only to be killed by a lone gunman, who takes the biological material to the Middle Eastern republic of Saradia.
The dictator of Saradia has built an ultramodern lab renegade Japanese scientist Dr. Shiragami. The leader gives Shiragami the stolen Godzilla cells in the hope that the scientist can develop a mutated grain that can grow in the desert. But a terrorist bomb destroys the lab, killing Dr. Shiragami’s daughter, Erica.
Five years pass. Shiragami has grafted some of his daughter’s DNA to a rosebush. He hopes that her soul lives on in the plant.
Biomajor is spying on Shiragami, and the industrial espionage agents are in turn watched by the Saradian terrorist known as SSS9.
Meanwhile, psychic Miki Saegusa discovers that Godzilla is awake, though still trapped in Mt. Mihara. At first the Japanese government dismisses Miki’s warning, doubting her ESP abilities. Finally, seismic evidence of Godzilla’s activity is discovered.
The government’s response is to activate the new Super-X2 and start a biological weapon research project to deal with Godzilla. The government possesses Godzilla cells in abundance, so Shiragami joints them. But he secretly uses the cells to future mutate the rosebush with Erica’s genes.
Biomajor spies break into Shiragami’s lab and are attacked by the mutated plant, which soon grows to tremendous size in the middle of Lake Ashino.
Unable to grab the Godzilla cells, Biomajor plants bombs on Mt. Mihara and threatens to detonate them―which will release Godzilla from its prison.
A trade is attempted, but SSS9 thwarts both sides. Biomajor doesn’t get the cells, and the bombs go off. Godzilla goes on the rampage again.
The Super-X2 goes into action, but cannot withstand Godzilla’s fiery breath. The creature in the lake, now called Biollante after a Norse legend, attracts Godzilla, and they do battle.
Biollante is seemingly defeated, and Godzilla heads for Osaka. Shiragami infects Godzilla with a new weapon, anti-nuclear bacteria, but it fails to work. Biollante “pollen” falls from space, and the creature returns in a dangerous new form.
Godzilla is defeated by a combination of Biollante’s actions and the bacteria. As Godzilla staggers toward the ocean, Biollante once again dissolves into spores and floats into space, where it reforms into a beautiful rosebud in orbit above the Earth.
SSS9 returns to kill Dr. Shiragami, but is killed himself. Godzilla suddenly revives and lumbers off to sea, still a threat to mankind.

Executive Producer
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Kazuki Omori
Kazuki Omori
Koichi Sugiyama
Special Effects
Koichi Kawakita
Kunihiko Mitamura
Yoshiko Tanaka
Masanobu Takashima
Megumi Odaka
Yasuko Sawaguchi
Toshiyuki Nagashima
Yoshiko Kuga
Koji Takahashi
Ryunosuke Kaneda
Koichi Ueda
Kosuke Toyohara
Toru Minegishi
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