The Return of Godzilla
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Reporter Goro discovers a wrecked ship in the middle of the ocean. Except for a single survivor, the crew has been killed by giant sea lice, presumably off Godzilla.
Back in Tokyo, the Japanese government imposes a news blackout. The prime minister suspects Godzilla has returned after a thirty-year hibernation, and he doesn’t want to cause a worldwide panic. Goro’s story is censored, and the ship’s survivor disappears into government custody.
Soon Godzilla destroys a Russian nuclear submarine, causing Cold War tensions to escalate. In America, retired reporter Steve Martin is summoned to the Pentagon. He witnessed Godzilla’s original reign of terror and the military wants him as a consultant during the current crisis.
Goro, meanwhile, visits the sister of the man he rescued at sea. She thinks her brother is still missing, but Goro informs her that he is alive and well. Due to Cold War tension, the Japanese government is forced to reveal that Godzilla has returned.
Godzilla finally arrives in Japan and destroys a nuclear reactor. He is interrupted by a flight of birds and follows them back to the sea. But soon Godzilla returns to Tokyo.
The Russians, fearing Godzilla’s threat, launch a space-based nuclear missile at Tokyo. The Japanese also launch their secret anti-Godzilla weapon, the Super-X, a kind of flying tank.
As the Pentagon fires a counter-missile to destroy the Russian nuclear bomb in the atmosphere, the Super-X, armed with cadmium missiles, knocks Godzilla down for the court.
But as the Russian missile detonates over Japan, Godzilla is exposed to enough radiation to revive him and he destroys the Super-X.
Fortunately, Dr. Hayashida, a scientist who lost his parents in Godzilla’s first attack, has devised a plan. Using the sound of birds as a lure, he draws Godzilla to the edge of volcanic Mt. Mihara. As the volcano erupts, Godzilla plunges into the heart of the fiery mountain.
The creature cannot be destroyed, but for now it is subdued.

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