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Yuzo is a repatriate sharing an apartment room with a friend. His sweetheart Masako is living in her elder sister’s four-roomed house which is packed with 16 inmates all of whom are members of her sister’s family. Yuzo and Masako have been looking for a house to live in after they marry but on account of the terrible shortage of houses they cannot find any that will suit their pocket. Masako tries to cheer up Yuzo, but Yuzo grows more gloomy and irritable. Noticing a handbill advertising a concert of “Unfinished Symphony” they go over to X Public Hall, but they find the tickets all sold out, having been “Cornered” by black-market brokers. The simple-hearted Yuzo falls out with a broker over the premium demanded by the latter and gets wounded in his fist fight. The two lovers return to Yuzo’s apartments. Yuzo, driven into desperation, tries to shut up Masako in the room on the impulse of the moment, but she jumps out of the room, unwilling to give herself up to Yuzo until she marries him though she loves him dearly. But outside the room she realizes how Yuzo is sickening with the love of her and re-enters the room. Yuzo reflects on his selfishness and the two sob, overcome with emotion. The two go out to the streets again, and indulge in a talk about the plan of how to make their living after marriage. They come to an outdoor music stand. There they fancy listening to a concert of “Unfinished Symphony” which they missed, but their dream is soon broken by the wind whistling through the foliage. Masako, as if addressing to the vacant seats or rather to Yuzo and to herself, or more possibly to the world at large, speaks: “What are we to do? Shouldn’t we have a dream? Please, everybody, please bless our future. With your blessing we shall be able to embark upon our own construction courageously, though in the midst of these grim realities of life.” A thunderous hand-clapping arises from the deserted seats. The two lovers’ eyes sparkle. Yuzo waves his hand, and the first movement of “Unfinished Symphony” resounds in the air around the music stand. Tears sparkle in the eyes of Masako seated alone on a bench. The two lovers draw closer and embrace each other tightly, blessing this wonderful Sunday.

Akira Kurosawa
Keinosuke Uekusa
Isao Numazaki
Chieko Nakakita
Ichiro Sugai
Midori Ariyama
Satoshi Mori
Atsushi Watanabe
Ichiro Namiki
Siro Mizutani
Sachio Sakai
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