Original Title:
續 姿三四郎

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Sanshiro is given a warm welcome from his friends at the Shudokan when he returns from his long trip. Upon returning, he heads to Ryushoji temple to visit Hansuke Murai’s grave. Murai’s daughter, Sayo, gives Sanshiro a navy kimono that she made herself. Around that time, two men arrive in Tokyo, looking for Sanshiro. The two men, Teshin and Genzaburo, are brothers of Gennosuke Higaki, who was defeated at Ukyogahara. The brothers, who are furious that their elder brother was bedridden after being defeated by Sanshiro, have honed their skills with the attacks of the Higaki-style karate in hopes of getting revenge on Sanshiro. The two arrive at the Shudokan, and challenge Yano to a match, but are refused. In retaliation, the brothers appear like the wind every night at the Ushitenjin shrine in Koishikawa, taking down the disciples at the Shudokan one by one. Meanwhile, Yano bans Sanshiro from competing in matches against other styles, leaving Sanshiro with no option but to patiently watch the Higaki brothers commit their acts of violence. However, Sanshiro can hardly stand still at the violence inflicted on the town by foreign sailors and the alliance of Japanese martial artists and foreign boxers, and he strikes out with his sense of justice. Certain of his excommunication, Sanshiro brings sake into the dojo, a banned act. Yano nonchalantly enters the dojo, and suddenly kicks away the sake. As Yano repeatedly kicks the sake, he speaks of the skills and spirit of judo. Sanshiro and his senior apprentices feel Yano’s sentiment, and get on their hands and knees to apologize. On a later date, Gennosuke, who has withered from his ailments, visits Sanshiro. Gennosuke apologizes for his mistakes in the past, and for the acts of his two brothers. Gennosuke then warns Sanshiro that his brothers ignored his advice, and are hiding in the mountains, planning someday to come challenge him. Eventually, Sanshiro receives a letter of challenge from the two. Sanshiro removes his nameplate from the dojo, and gives a silent bow to his master and senior apprentices, and to the Shudokan, where he was able to grow, saying goodbye. Sanshiro hurries toward the snowy Tengu mountain pass, where Genzaburo and Teshin await. Sanshiro then faces the Higaki brothers. A battle to the death is held in the snow. The two brothers and their skills meant only for defeating their foes prove no match for Sanshiro, who is more skilled and mentally adept. Teshin eventually surrenders to Sanshiro. That night, Sanshiro stays at the brothers’ mountain cottage. Genzaburo tries to kill Sanshiro in his sleep, but after seeing Sanshiro’s innocent smile as he dreams of Sayo, Genzaburo knows that everything has come to an end.

Akira Kurosawa
Original Story
Tsuneo Tomita
Akira Kurosawa
Denjiro Okochi
Susumu Fujita
Ryunosuke Tsukigata
Akitake Kono
Yukiko Todoroki
Soji Kiyokawa
Masayuki Mori
Seiji Miyaguchi
Ko Ishida
Kuninori Takado
Ichiro Sugai
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